Boost Your SEO Ranking with Multiple IPs
at four geographic locations across the U.S.

As low as $3.75 / month per IP

SEO Hosting Online: The Whole Story
in One Minute

Professional web designers, SEO companies, and blog networks have specific demanding needs for their SEO hosting service. SEO web hosting requires a solid technical hosting platform, and that's what you get with SEO Hosting Online – the technology to make the most effective web presence. We don't do normal web hosting: we do SEO hosting (that's why “SEO” is in our name). We provide the tools for SEO hosting: up to 500 unique Class C IP addresses under a single SEO web hosting account with a single management web interface, FTP and email services, and guaranteed bandwidth. We also provide 24-hour support and sales so you are never alone when your SEO hosting account needs attention.

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Can the geographic location of a
web server affect SEO?

Google Webmaster Matt Cutts explains the significance of
the web server geographic location on organic SEO ranking

What’s included in the SEO Hosting?

  • Up to 500 Unique Class C dedicated IP Addresses
  • Fully enabled automated Control Panel with over
    50 hosting features with each SEO Hosting
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited Email accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • 24/7 Technical Phone Support

In the Eyes of Google, Hosting Location Really Matters

When Google and other search engines like Yahoo and Bing rank websites, they look at more than just web content. They look at the physical hosting location of a site to determine its audience before determining its rank. If your target audience is in one location, then your SEO web hosting provider has to offer a corresponding physical hosting location or your search results will suffer.

SEO hosting is more than 100% uptime and promised bandwidth. SEO hosting must provide all the SEO tools you need to plan and manage optimized websites and blogs, including multiple geo hosting locations, so that your sites get the most out of search engine results.

SEO Hosting Online has our main center in a premiere private data center in New Jersey, plus three other hosting locations across the US. You have your choice of geo hosting locations to improve the efficacy of your SEO hosting service. More hosting locations for the SEO web hosting servers gives you more options to fit to any of your client sites. And with SEO Hosting Online’s set of unique Class C IP addresses, every site is independent and has increased search relevance even if you have multiple clients on a single SEO web hosting account.