Types of Online Pokies

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Types of Online Pokies

Slot machines, slots or pokies are something most of us have tried at least once. With a long history and great popularity, these machines have largely evolved over the years. In the era of the Internet, it became possible to play pokies online instead only on a land-based machine, which was a kind of revolution for this fun and popular casino game.

New technologies and possibilities made it possible for online pokies machines to be more versatile than ever. Today, you can play all sorts of pokies online, and there are several categories which define them and make them differ from one another.

mad-dash-slotThe number of reels – the first and the most obvious difference lies in the number of reels. Online pokies usually have 3, 5 or 7 reels, but sometimes they have even more. Thanks to the number of possible combinations, the odds for winning a jackpot decrease as the number of reels increases. This is why online pokies with the higher number of reels offer larger jackpot amounts.

Game layout – another difference between online pokies is in the game layout. The designers have plenty of possibilities when creating online games, so you can find pokies in all sorts of themes. There are classic fruit machines, which resemble those you may have tried when you were a kid. There are also much more complex games, with various themes and rich visual and sound effects. Sometimes pokies designers go so far that the game of pokies may resemble a serious video game.


Minimum bets and jackpots – with such a large number of online casinos, it is no wonder that each of them has their own terms and conditions. When it comes to minimum bet, it usually falls within the range from a nickel to $5 per a spin, while high-roller pokies require $25 to $100. Payout percentage also differs depending on the casino and on the type of pokies you decide to play – flat top or progressive. Flat top pokies have fixed jackpot, while progressive pokies jackpot increases every time someone places a bet and plays the game.

Types of prizes – the prizes on online pokies also vary from one casino to another and from game to game. The traditional position of the symbols is within a straight line in the middle of the machine, in the lower or in the upper part of the reels. However, many online pokies offer a prize if the symbols are organized in different patterns and lines, and sometimes you can combine these patterns and play them simultaneously. The prizes range from money to free spins, additional games, bonus money etc.

Playing for money or for fun – one big difference between online and land-based pokies is that you must deposit real money if you play on a land-based machine. With online pokies, you can also play just for fun and invest virtual tokens for your games. Many online casinos offer free versions of their pokies games, you can also find them as apps for your mobile phone, but if you hope for a jackpot – there is always an option to play for real money, too.

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Top 5 Tips for Success in Online Casinos

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Top 5 Tips for Success in Online Casinos

If you are a novice player but you want to know more about online casino so you can avoid the common mistakes amateurs make, here you can read a few words of advice that will prove to be invaluable for you as a beginner gambler. Of course, a few basic tips will not make a pro out of you in a few days, but they will form a basis on which to build your casino career, without having to invest a lot of time and money into your endeavor.

real-money-gamblingTip number 1 is to be careful and manage your bankroll as tight as possible. Adapt your style of play to a number of funds you have designated for your games. To put it simply, do not play on a 10 dollar machine if you have a budget of 50$. Success comes from playing strategically and in the long run. This implies you need a budget that can be stretched to last a certain amount of time, enough for winnings to occur. Also, do not chase after your losses. It is much wiser to leave the game and continue tomorrow than to go on playing and just keep stacking losses.

One of the most important decisions you can make is the choice of the casino you will play in. Do your best to do your research thoroughly because you do not want to end up in a situation where you cannot collect your winning because you have been scammed. Choose the casinos with the best reputation, casino sites famed for reliability. Only the casinos which have a good feedback from other players are guaranteed to keep up to their end of the bargain and fulfill their obligations to customers.


When it comes to the choice of the game itself, your best bet might be to go with progressive jackpot games. Online slot games and even some table games nowadays offer many types of progressive jackpots. Your job is to put a little effort into the research and find the games which offer the best (meaning largest) jackpots. This way, you can expect the biggest payout for your investment. Always find the game which offers those super-sized jackpots. These games have the ability to change a player’s life with the amount that can be won.

Tip 4 is to be watchful of the casino’s odds so you can be able to beat them. Your job is to determine which games offer the best odds of winning and play those games the most. Even if you like or prefer some other games like keno or slots, the fact remains that the best odds of winning come from playing video poker and blackjack.

The last tip is similar to the previous one, and it refers to playing the games with the best odds of winning, but not only to choose these games. You have to understand how these games work and apply the best strategy to increase your probabilities of winning.

Can Online Gambling Change Your Life For The Better?

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Can Online Gambling Change Your Life For The Better?

Numerous studies have been conducted on the positive and negative sides of gambling, but despite those negative elements, games of chance have survived to this day. Even when they are proclaimed illegal, some of those games manage to find their players in some “underground” manner, and it is very hard for the authorities to fight against such an invincible enemy. However, gambling is becoming more and more regulated and legalized activity, which means that the safety and security are improved and that players can enjoy spinning the reels, playing cards, or throwing dice. Casino games come in all shapes and sizes, and this diversity allows visitors to “pick their poison” and to find something that perfectly suits their needs and preferences.

What-Makes-the-Web-So-Attractive-to-Online-Gambling-Addicts-800x565However, traditional land-based casinos are nowadays losing their popularity, and more and more of their visitors are deciding to participate in the gambling activity from the comforts of their home, not by directly going to the casino. This paradoxical situation is caused by the widespread use of smartphones and the Internet revolution, and people now use online casinos as their recreational destinations. Those casinos offer everything that a player may need, and the gaming experience can be exciting and enjoyable, and sometimes even profitable. The profits are not so easy to acquire, but a good money management strategy and a little bit of luck can lead you to a massive profit.

Online gambling is convenient and accessible, and people can begin playing after only a few clicks. They only need to register an account and then log in, which means that the entire process can be finished in a couple of minutes. After the game starts, responsible gaming and smart decisions are the keys to making a profit. Of course, casino operators do not want to give away too much money, and it is no secret that the odds in every game are stacked against you. For example, the average payout rate with slots is around 90%, which means that the house keeps a portion of your investment in almost any scenario. Only if you are lucky enough to hit the progressive online jackpot, you can say that you have managed to make serious money from online gambling, but these occurrences are extremely rare.

The cons of playing casino games in the online casinos are mostly related to the fact that this type of gambling can be equally addictive as the traditional forms of playing games of chance. Also, the fear of Internet scams is always present when it comes to the virtual world, and players should always be careful about the licenses and the regulations of a casino in which they want to invest their hard-earned money. Gambling can be a positive thing if the player is capable of controlling his or her emotions, and only by setting your limits for spending and knowing when it is time to quit can you beat the “system” and make your financial situation a little bit better.

Play Pokies Online

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Play Pokies Online

Technology is an amazing thing. As time goes on more and more things are being converted from analog to digital forms, and there are very few things that can be unaffected by it. Fortunately, slot machines aren’t one of those things.

If you like slot machines, then this news should be quite positively welcomed. Now, and for quite some time, slot machines have been accessible via the internet whether it be from mobile phones or PCs.

The thing that’s great about digital slot machines is that you can now play them without any money involved. If you always liked playing slot machines but were unable to due to how much money you would spend, now you can play them care-free.

Although they can be played totally free of charge, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still bet on them.

An amount of different iphone pokies games you can choose from is unbelievable. There are hundreds of different games, and most of them have some specific features which set them apart from the rest. The games we would suggest you try first (if you haven’t already got your favorites) are the following:

Queen of the Nile, King of the Nile, Indian Dreaming, 5 Dragons, 50 Lions and Wild Ways.

If you want to play online pokies, there are some things you need to know. First of all, it’s not the same as playing in a ground based casino. If you connect your account with your PayPal or Payoneer where you hold most of your money, you will have a lot bigger source of money than you normally would. When you go into a ground based casino, you carry some pocket money with you, and if you blow it all, you don’t really mind. But if you get carried away and start pumping your account while losing, you may have a big problem. Because of that, there are a few things you should do before you start playing.

First of all, you will have to set yourself a limit on how much you want to spend today and how much time you want to spend playing the games. Once you do that, stick to your plan and don’t change a thing, no matter if you are winning or losing.

Most people get caught in the moment and spend much more than they planned, that’s where the problems start.

Look at the game as something you enjoy doing. Don’t think that you will make a living out of it and don’t expect too much from it. If you don’t have fun playing the game and the only reason you’re playing it is to win money – quit. You will stress yourself too much because you’re going about this all wrong.


The final piece of advice – even though numerous websites are offering seemingly the same thing, they are not all the same. There are those which offer bonuses, those which let you bet less or simply have higher chances of winning. Your first goal, before you start playing, is to find the best website you can because even the small things can prove to be a huge difference in the long term.

Online Pokies – Basic Tips

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Online Pokies – Basic Tips

Pokies have revolutionized the online casino games. These simple but very attractive and user-friendly applications have become a leading online gaming solution. Pokies certainly are a lot of fun, but we have to point out that they can be addictive and dangerous if not taken seriously. If you are reckless with your money, and you do not approach pokie games with a sense of limit and caution, they can endanger your finances.

nj-online-poker-wsop-620x400If you do not want to have to think about the amount of money left in your bank account after a pokie all-nighter, and you do not want to lend money from your best friend to pay your rent, follow a simple set of basic tips we will explain. This way your money is safe and you will be able to enjoy the fun pokies provide.

Let’s start at the top. There are hundreds and thousand of pokie games which can attract your attention. Your job is to choose the game or a set of a few games that suit you the best. There are two main factors to consider when choosing the right pokie game. First, pick the one that is in harmony with a bank account, meaning that you have to find the game that will not eat up your funds very quickly. Choose the game with the wager limit accustomed to your needs and not the one that will leave you penniless after a few spins. Also, take into account the theme and the visual appeal of the game and the promotions and other features the game has to offer.

Additional features of the pokie game can be crucial when it comes to making the right choice. You should take special care to study all the features the game has to offer. This way, you can profit from the game because you will understand how the game works and what are the special characteristics of the particular pokie game. There are many features pokies can offer and knowing them will make your life easier.

Everybody will say that you need to know the rules of the game before you start playing. Well, everybody is right. You should familiarize yourself with the basic concepts and then the finesses of the game so you can better understand how to win. Also, playing free online games might be a good choice for beginners because of this way you can learn the specifics of the game without having to pay. Who says education has to be expensive?


Understanding the basic concepts of the game, combined with systematic learning about the details will result in success, without a doubt. Make sure you follow the suggestions we recommend and that you listen to the advice of senior, experienced players and success is guaranteed. Enjoy pokie games and have fun while having the chance to earn some extra cash. All it takes are just a few prudent decisions based on advice we explained above and soon enough you will be an expert pokie player.

Best Tips for Pokies

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Best Tips for Pokies

Pokies, also known as slot machines, fruit machines or puggy’s are online casino games. You can find them on various sites, and now they are available on phones too. This increases their popularity as many players prefer to play these games on their phones rather than in a real casino. If you know something about fruit machines than you, probably know the luck is not the only thing that matters. There are strategies in this game. You can learn all about those strategies if you continue reading our guide.

Limit Your Investments.

Online poker machines usually have three or four lines to invest your chips in. The best thing for a beginner is to limit their chips for every line. The goal here is to play as many rows as you can because every slot machine has a limited number of “pulls” after which you get a jackpot. So you need to keep in mind that every once and a while a jackpot is activated. If you want to spend time on one slot machine, you should keep your investments low in the beginning. As you keep playing the number of “pulls” increases and the chance for a jackpot increases as well. So instead of putting all your chips in all three rows limit them in the beginning so that later when you are close to a jackpot you can increase your bets and get more out of it.

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Skip and Go.

This tactic is famous even in real casinos. The goal here is to play one slot machine two or three times maximum. If you spent a lot of time in casinos, you probably noticed one guy changing slot machines every minute. The reason behind this is simple- jackpot activates ever 100th turn or so. Different slot machines have a different count, so the limit moves. But if you use this strategy in online games like pokies you can change to another slot machine more easily.

Pick the Right Pokies.

gambling-addiction-signsWhen choosing pokies that you want to play on there a huge list of available all different in design and theme. What you should look for is a pokies game provider that has a large number of pokies to offer. This will increase your chances for jackpot if you implement the technique mentioned above. So if you pick one that has 800 pokies playing on every machine once has to get you a jackpot. Think of it this way, one slot machine on that list is close to a jackpot, and the more your try, the bigger the chance is that you’ll get paid on your first or seconds turn. So invest big on every machine that you try and spend as little time as possible on them playing every fruit machine once or twice.

Now that you’ve learned some useful tips for playing these games online you can start by downloading the app and trying it out on your phone or computer; the choice is yours.

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